27 Nov

     It's Thanksgiving holiday and Thanksgiving holiday weekend. And of course, its time for the annual Starbase Indy and the annual Starfleet Command Fleet meeting and Awards Ceremony. Also taking place and the meeting, was a 'Change of Command' ceremony. 

     We'll get to that in a moment. What I'm really here for, is to crow like a rooster. The USS BRIGHTSTAR took home a total of six awards at the fleet meeting. That last time the BRIGHTSTAR took home multiple awards was at the 2011 Starbase Indy.

Here is the list of awards the BRIGHTSTAR took home from the 2022 Starfleet Command Fleet Meeting,

Retention Award - Captain Debbie Henderson Commanding USS BRIGHTSTAR

Junior Officer of the Year - Lt. Comm James Webb Third place

Senior Officer of the Year - Captain Debbie Henderson Third place 

Small Ship of the Year - USS BRIGHTSTAR First place

Newsletter of the Year - USS BRIGHTSTAR Second place

Website of the Year - USS BRIGHTSTAR First Place.

Now I haven't had the chance to scan those awards yet, but just as soon as I receive them I'll get  those awards up on our website so everyone can have a look.

The last thing that the Fleet had to deal with was the 'Change of Command'. The outgoing Fleet Admiral Rose Ciccarone turn over command of the fleet to the incoming Fleet Admiral Anthony (Tony) C. Scott. He will officially take command of the Fleet on January 1, 2023

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