Captain Debbie Henderson

Commanding Officer

Captain Henderson has been the commanding officer of the BRIGHTSTAR for the last 24 years.

Commander James (T'sikes) Webb

First Officer / Chief Science Officer

Commander Webb has been with the ship as its First Officer and Chief Science Officer for twenty years. He helps out with the newsletter and the ship's website.

Lt. Commander Kathy Graves (Henderson)

Chief Communications Officer

Kathy has been the communictions officer for the BRIGHTSTAR for the last 24 years. She is also the daughter of commanding officer Captain Henderson

Ensign Joshua Charron

Chief Security Officer (CSO)

Josh has been with the BRIGHTSTAR as its Chief Security Officer for the last 12 years.

Ensign Kenny Charron

Cheif Engineering Officer

Ensign Kenny has been the Chief Engineer of the Brightstar for the last 12 years

2nd Lieutenant Micheal Charron

Chief Of Marines

2nd Lieutenant MIcheal has been the Chief of Marines aboard the BRIGHTSTAR for the last 12 years.

Lt. Commander Donald Henderson

Chief of Chaplin Services

Lt. Commander Henderson has been the Chaplin for the BRIGHTSTAR for the last 24 years. He is also the husband to our commanding officer Captain Debbie Henderson.

Ensign Tess Charron

Chief Operations Officer

Ensign Tess has been the BRIGHTSTAR's Chief Operation Officer for the last 12 years

Penny a.k.a. Pinn-Pinn (Civilian)

Runs Ten-Forward's Pinn-Pinn's Pagoda, (bartender and hostess)

Pinn- PInn has been running the Ten-Forward lounge, Pinn-Pinn's Pagoda, for the last 4 years. Don't give her any lip or she'll bite off your ankles (Yupe, she's an ankle biter).

Mr. Hobbs (Civilian)

Assistant Bar Tender

Mr. Hobbs went the Cait Universty of Techinolgy and Cait School of Bar Tendering. You will find Mr. Hobbs in Brightstar's Ten Farword's lounge Pin-Pin's Pagoda helping out Pin-Pin working as a bar tender.

Yeoman Precious

Captain's Personal Yeoman

Yeoman Precious graduated from Starfleet Academy and has been assigned as Captain Henderson's personal Yeoman. You may or may not find her attending to the Captain's....well, what or when ever she feels doing anything for the Captain.

Petty Officer Patches

Engineer Mate

P.O. Patches also a graduated of Starfleet Academy, and Starfleet School of Engineering and has been assigned as Engineer Mate in Engineering. Of course you might have to ask the Chief Engineer where she is hiding ... excuse me working (sleeping).