Shelby T. Hobbs ll started out as Chief Security Officer aboard the USS BRIGHTSTAR. While onboard the BRIGHTSTAR, he would make his way over to the Science Division and becoming its Chief Science Officer. While as Chief Science Officer, he would redesign the BRIGHTSTAR's ship logo. He'd later present the new design to the rest of the crew at a ship at meeting. The crew liked it so well, that it was officially adopted as the new logo for the BRIGHTSTAR. 

     He would later leave the BRIGHTSTAR for a command of his own and would start up the PLANETARY OUTPOST STEPHEN HAWKINGS. The outpost would later gain enough members to be reclassified as a ship. At which time the name would changed to USS TELEK. The TELEK would garnerd several awards in it short operational lifespan. He would passway unexpectedly at the young age of 27 in August 2012.