The USS BRIGHTSTAR NCC 1880 is a Star Trek fan club based out of Indianapolis, Indiana. We fall under the jurisdiction of Starbase Six. Both the Brightstar and Starbase Six fall under the jurisdiction of Starfleet Command Quadrate One (  Starfleet Command a Star Trek fan club. Starfleet Command Quadrate One was established in 1974 in North America. Since that time, Starfleet Command has grown to include chapters throughout the United States, Europe (United Kingdom and Europe, Quadrant Two), Asia, and Australia (Quadrant Three). Quadrant One (North America), is divided into geographical regions known as Starbases. Each Starbases has its own commanding officer and area of operation. Starbase Six covers the entire state of Indiana. The main headquarters for Starfleet Command is located in Union, Kentucky, United States. True to the Star Trek series we have military ranks: however, we are NOT a military organizations. The Brightstar itself like other units that fall under Starbase Six and others around the country, like to host community projects and offer support to other Ships for their projects, with the support of Starfleet Command and Starbase Six. The Brightstar also puts out its own newsletter for the crew and the fleet and host our own website.