10 Mar

HI and welcome to our new home on the web. Our other site at webs.com will shortly be shutdown for good as of the end of this month (3/31/22) We hope to keep this site updated as much as possible. So far we as a club are still trying to get are feet back under us once again and try to regain the momentum we had prior to this insanity. Oh, we're not talking about Covid-19. No, what Covid-19 did was compound the problem that already existed. No what we are referring to is our First Officer Lt. Commander James Webb. Four years ago (coming this May it will be four years) he was involve in a work place accident and spent a total of 16 months in a hospital and two rehab facility's. before he sent home to finish his recovering. It has taken him this long to recuperate from the injury's and the loss of his left leg a month after being released from rehab the first time. Oh, he still has some stuff he still has to work through, all in all, that long road of recovering is shorter than what it was four years ago. Granted, he is still on that road, but it is a lot shorter than what is was. Yet at the same time he still has a long way to go. Well, that is it for now, we will be updating this site as much as possible and keep you update on what's going with the Brightstar, Starbase Six, and with Starfleet Command.

Time to put this puppy to bed

Crew of the Brightstar

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