11 Mar

It's time to party. That's right, it time to celebrate like it's nineteen-ninety-nine. For the USS BRIGHTSTAR has a new home on the web. 

     With this new home, comes some new features and new ways to feature some of the old things in a fresh new way. At least I hope it does and will. I would like to discuss some of the new features we have on this new website, but that would take way to long to explain. We were, after all, up until 2 a.m. figuring out the how, and then putting the final touches on our little new home. So, what we will do is this, let you, the visitor, the guest, or whatever you may want to call yourself, to explore our new home our new website and let you discover for yourself what lies within. Granted, it seems like there may not be much here right now, but it only seems that way. For we (the crew) have plans for our little new home.

So, go ahead party like its nineteen-ninety-nine. Hopefully, maybe, we the crew of the BRIGHTSTAR, will have a little celebration of our own to kick things off properly.

Now its time to put this puppy to bed

The First Officer

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